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Lena Dunham is cute as hell in ASOS' magazine, Fashion Up

Ok, so she's not always a bona fide style icon. On Saturday, she forgot to wear pants. It doesn't really matter, though. A large part of Lena Dunham's success as a writer, director and actress has to do with not glossing anything over. It seems silly to harp over a talented person's clothing especially when men in a similar position are under way less scrutiny.

That being said, Lena Dunham kills it as the covergirl for ASOS' Fashion Up magazine. The photos, shot by Danielle Levitt, show a comfortable and undeniably stylish side of Dunham. It's an eclectic mix of spikes, houndstooth, acid wash and graphic tees with a healthy dose of jewelry. The magazine, which is actually a free app updated weekly, also includes an interview with our Girls girl about success, growing up in NYC and all that kind of stuff.

Take a peek at photos of Lena Duham for ASOS below and you can download the Fashion Up app here.

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