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Lilo’s life is painful to watch, but funny to flip through?

The new issue of Blue Water Comic’s Infamous (previously featuring Charlie Sheen) focuses on eternal fuck-up Lindsay Lohan. Few celebrities have been talked about, photographed or scrutinized as much as Lilo, and because of this, most of the comic book won’t be a surprise to most of us. It features Lohan shoplifting, wearing an alcohol detection bracelet, attempting to connect with old coke buddies and lying in a prison cell. Despite the tastelessness, publisher Midtown Comics explains that the book is meant to “teach a lesson about the ills of excessive drinking and drug use.”

But if we had it our way, this is how it would go down for Little Miss Lindsay:

Sometimes stooping down to Disney’s level is the best option you’ve got…

Lindsay: “If only I could win an Oscar. Then they’d love me again.”

Disney: “Lindsay! We’re interested in you for our next starring role, Herbie: Fully Loaded 2.”

Lindsay: “Let me check my schedule… Hmm...empty. Well, as long as the script is as groundbreaking as the last…then I know I’m doing important work.”

See some of Blue Water Comic’s Infamous: Lindsay Lohan below.

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