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Marc all over your face

Marc Jacobs expanded into fragrance 6 years ago with Marc Jacobs Daisy. We're not the only ones who bought the fragrance without ever smelling it, are we? But will he enjoy the same success with his newly released make-up line?

On first impression, the packaging is consistent with the MJ aesthetic--modern, fun, and a bit cheeky. The prices immediately struck us as exorbitant and, upon sampling some of the goods, not justified by the quality of the product. The glosses, priced at a steep $28 a pop, spilled goopily (did we just coin that word?) over the edge of the tube in the Sephora display, an immediate warning sign after too many purse linings have fallen victim to rogue, sloppy glosses. The shade range left something to be desired as well, with the exception of Truth or Dare, a sultry dark berry color. Goopy, messy, overpriced and mostly yawn-inducing shades? Pass.

The nail polish bottle has a large, unwieldy cap which thankfully can be removed to revealed a thinner, more manageable one. A closer inspection revealed a long, skinny brush, basically our worst nightmare for a smooth application. The shade range wasn't much better, with maybe 4 note-worthy colors in the 24 shade range (Nirvana, a dark army green, is a favorite). If we're forking over $18.oo for a new polish, the color better be fresh and exciting, not something we could easily grab for a third of the price at Target.

We're likely to pass over MJ and grab brands like Nars and Stila--trusted, reputable, with amazing color selections and at a comparable price point. Or if we're in the mood for a totally irresponsible beauty splurge, we'll throw a few extra bones down for some Chanel or Dior. Sorry Jacobs, you just might have missed your Marc this time.

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