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Oh,  New York. Where else would you find a secret museum housing a collection of gag (pun intended) vomit, the shoe that was famously chucked at George Bush’s noggin and a selection of zany flavored chip bags? In true New York fashion, the founders of this small-scale gallery -- Alex Kalman, and brothers Benny and Josh Safdie -- make the most of limited space, using a gutted elevator shaft to showcase a rotation of found objects. The museum’s artifacts are meant to explore the stories behind even the most mundane items. During off hours, the one-room exhibit hides behind unmarked industrial doors, unnoticed by the average onlooker. Tucked away in a dingy alleyway, the less-than-obvious location forces viewers to go out of their way to look for  humor, strangeness, and absurdity within everyday life.

Visit at Cortlandt Alley between Franklin Street and White Street. More of what you'll find below.

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