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FriendsWithYou and Native Shoes team up for a new exhibit at The Hole Gallery

FriendsWithYou and Native shoes first met during Art Basel in 2009. They worked together on a presentation called Rainbow City and it's been a magical colorful love ever since. Continuing their relationship in New York, Native Shoes is pairing up with FriendsWithYou for their first NYC solo show, titled ":)" at The Hole Gallery. The exhibit will feature a cosmic rainbow paradise of interactive sculptures and paintings and a Pop-Up Shop featuring an installation of colorful characters and integrated displays featuring the Native Spring 2011 collection. We caught up with the Global Marketing Director of Native, Shawna Olsten to talk about the exhibit and see what the Native family (who is from Vancouver, BC) will be up to and eating during their visit in New York.

":)" presented by FriendsWithYou and Native Shoes will open this Thursday June 9th and run through the summer until August 6th

Read our interview with Native Shoes Global Marketing Director Shawna Olsten below.

There will be a “cosmic rainbow paradise of interactive sculptures and paintings” can you give us a little insider info about what sort of paradise we can expect?

All I can say is that FriendsWithYou is known for delivering experiences nothing short of magical!

How did this exhibit come about?

The first event we collaborated on with FriendsWithYou was Rainbow City during Art Basel 2009. We love working with them and our aesthetic aligns perfectly. Our second collaboration will be their first solo exhibit in New York called ":)".  The Native pop up space has been created in collaboration with FriendsWithYou and the Hole Gallery to coincide with the opening of ":)".

How will the shoes play into the exhibit?

The shoes will be for sale over the time the exhibit is open inside the gallery shop, Holey Books. The environment has been designed by FriendsWithYou.

What special Native products will the pop-up carry?

It will carry the entire summer adults collection from Native Shoes.

How did you start working with Native?

I fell in love with the product and the idea that we could do something different in the footwear industry. Next think I knew I was leaving my safe corporate job and on the ride of a lifetime!

What’s the best part about your job?

Being able to see people get the "WOW" feeling when they discover our brand or pick up a pair of our shoes.

What’s Native fam’s favorite part about coming to New York?

2 words. Get Busy!

Where do you guys like to eat when you're here?


Biggest difference between Vancouver and New York?

Everything is bigger in New York.

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