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How would you describe Sasha Grey? Amateur porn dandy turned underground actress? Indie porn princess? Aspiring pop singer? A threat to Megan Fox? Super model? Model/actress? Hooker/waitress? (Oh, just go nameless [sic].) She may be a little bit of all these titles and now she's adding one more to the list: published author. Grey recently released a book of her photography titled Neu Sex, a collection of her personal photographs. The book is said to be an extension of Grey's creative side, which she is using tastefully to control her image.

Grey entered the porn circuit at the ripe old legal age of 18 and since then has been subject to media scrutiny. How could anyone forget when she appeared on the Tyra Banks Show for an interview and was dressed up by the crew like a 14-year-old playground prostitute. Grey noted that when watching the footage she felt manipulated by Banks' staff and the entire interview and editing process. She wrote about it on her personal blog and then made a video responding to the fact that the Tyra episode has been put on YouTube by an anti-porn campaign. Watch her video response here.

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