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George & Ruby...because the internet still doesn't have enough mommy and fashion bloggers

Oscar de la Renta's VP of Creative, Marissa Kraxberger, started up a new childrenswear blog because if Toddlers & Tiaras has taught us anything, it's that there's a market for sassy kids that get dolled up. Look at that picture of Maddox and Kraxberger's "mom crush" Angelina. So much sass. So much style.

The first shoot for her blog George & Ruby took place in Obidos, Portugal. According to Kraxberger, the hotel prep area "looks like a cross between an 80's movie and King Arthur's court." There was also "hair drama." Yawn. Though next to a picture of Portuguese children she wrote, "liquor in mini cups made of chocolate--yes please." Funny.

If you're into mommy bloggers, add George & Ruby to your bookmarks by all means. It's currently a fairly  rudimentary blog but photos of the  aforementioned sassy, stylish kids should be aplenty. The woman undoubtedly has great style and does a solid  job with Oscar de la Renta. Plus, if you've got kids, her suggestions for child-friendly restaurants might be helpful. For the rest of us, the list of child-friendly places helps us determine where to should avoid when we want a quiet bite to eat.

What do you think? Is Marissa Kraxberger's new blog George & Ruby horribly cute, or just kind of horrible?

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