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Patti Smith to be honored with the Polar Music Prize

Where would women in rock be without the guidance of Patti Smith? Since her debut album Horses came out in 1975, Patti has established herself as a front woman, poet, musician, writer and more over, iconic legend in the rock n' roll landscape. Her presence in the late 1970's New York punk scene acknowledged androgyny, sex, drugs and criticism in rock and punk music. This summer Patti will be presented with the highest music honor in Sweden, the Polar Music Prize.

Founded in 1989 by ABBA manager Stig Anderson, the award is meant to acknowledge "individuals, groups or institutions in recognition of exceptional achievements in the creation and advancement of music.” Past recipients include Elton John, Bob Dylan, Björk and Ray Charles. According to AUX TV, King Carl XVI will present Patti and Grammy-winning string orchestra Kronos Quartet (who famously covered Jimi Hendrix songs) a prize of one million kronor ($164, 800) in August. “Patti Smith has demonstrated how much rock ‘n’ roll there is in poetry and how much poetry there is in rock ‘n’ roll,” said The Royal Swedish Academy of Music. “She has transformed the way an entire generation looks, thinks, and dreams.” It's been nearly 36 years since Horses changed the musical landscape, but Patti has not stopped creating since that day.

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  1. […] Patti Smith is one of the most influential women of our time. Born in 1946, she became a seminal force in the New York City punk scene in the late 70s after releasing Horses, one of the best records ever. Besides being a punk rock goddess, she is also a prolific visual artist who has been so successful at it that she was named the Commander of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres in 2005 by the French Minister of Culture. She was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2007 and won the Polar Music Prize in 2011. […]

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