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What did you do last night in Vegas? Lots! And they told us in the form of Two Truths, One Lie.

Las Vegas, a city of bright lights, slot machines and the odd indiscretion. And when it's tradeshow season it's all about working hard, playing hard and never regretting later.

On our recent trip to the PROJECT show Las Vegas, we decided to find out what people got in to the night before post-hangover. Catching up with a wide selection of tradeshow attendees from the President of PROJECT to designers like Bijules to famous rappers (See which one made our list by clicking through!) to pro skaters like Keith Hufnagel, we had them list three things they did the night before using two truths and one lie.

Emily Maturo the Kitsuné Sales Northa America (shown above), said she lost her cell phone, woke up not in her own room and won 100 dollars at the casino. Flip through to see more and guess which are the truths and which is the lie.

Guess which one is which! See more TWO TRUTHS, ONE LIE here.

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