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It's a mix bag. It's always a mixed up bag.

What's in Chan Marshall's bag? [Amoeba]

Patrick McGuire continues his search in the Amanda Todd case. [VICE]

Pamela Love Classic Collection. Get your hard metals while you can. [Pamela Love]

Could Beyoncé be any more perfect? Also, she got Destiny's Child back together, so.... [Noisey and Pitchfork]

We will always be enthralled with Lindsay Lohan, even if her career has taken a nose dive into the land of nothing burgers. Why? [New York Times]

Damien Echols of The West Memphis Three tells a story about being beaten in jail as teenager and life on death row. [Moth Podcast]

Our favorite Florida band Merchandise released a new track. [Pitchfork]

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  1. […] the century by GQ (with an unbelievable Terry Richardson photo shoot to go with it), announcing a new album with Destiny’s Child, and in case you forgot, still raising her first child. Now, we get a look at her life, through her […]

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