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Barbie goes Gaga, but we think this Lady Gaga doll is more action figure than anything else. [Refinery 29]

Plus, if Lady Gaga were a Barbie, she might end up in some Barbie debauchery, like these scenes produced by Mariel Clayton. Hey Freud, you busy right now? [Des Boobs]

Lady Gaga is also going to star in her own comic book. [The Fashionably Independent]

Enough Lady Gaga. Now, let's watch some idiot propose to his girlfriend as she is in the middle of her weather report for the local news. Get real guy. [Let Me Buy U An Dranks]

Courtney--over at that H&M is apparently destroying unworn clothes and, in a time of recession, this unnecessary and suspicious destruction becomes an interesting woman's issue. [Feministing]

Remember those kids who used to eat glue and Bonnie Bell lip balm? Well, eating craft supplies just became acceptable and healthy thanks to the latest creation by Luxirare. [Married to the Mob]

This week James Raney of the L.A Times investigated the decline of freelance writing fee's in the last few years, concluding that 2009 has hit an all-time low. Anna North of Jezebel critiqued Raney's piece and threw in a few ideas of her own. The blog "free news" debate continues and we're all ears. [L.A Times & Jezebel]

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