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Making sure you don't miss a click, every Friday we round up some of the best stories from the past week

Writer, traveler and all-around smarty pants, Natasha Stag delves into the role of women in Serge Gainsbourg's life and on film. #powerdynamics [BombLog]

This video of Neil Young busking, makes us want to cry and salute the Canadian flag (not really, but he's so incredible). [01 Magazine]

The power of Michelle Bauchman could potentially be scarier than her history of taking in anorexic teenagers to heal them with Christianity. This is a must-read. [The New Yorker]

Finally, someone said it: If you're old enough to have a girlfriend, you're old enough to deal with her period. #sharkweek [Jane]

According to Jezebel, there are some fake Morning-After Pills going around. That's a cute little surprise, huh? You've been warned. [Jezebel]

And yet another reason to really, really like Matt Damon. [Whatevs]

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  1. dana says:

    Love this Bauchman piece.

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