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From Lohan to babycinos to the science of male birth control, we got you covered for the week

Our beloved, un-insurable starlet, Lindsay Lohan, joined Matt Lauer for an exclusive interview to convince us, yet again, that she is back. Lauren Brown reports. [Glamour]

It's bad enough that we have taxi cabs for dogs, but now people are deep into specialty coffees for babies. Babycinos? Wake us up when the world goes back to normal. [Coffee Blogger]

Bristol Palin: Life's A Tripp or "Bistol Palin: My Tragic Life Post-Dancing With The Stars." [The Cut]

"Men believe their partners are fatter than they really are." The way straight dudes think...or bogus study to freak us out? [Great Male Study]

Making birth control equal by mocking up the male pill. Turns out it's going to take some serious work before it materializes. [How Stuff Works]

Urban Outfitters is getting sued for ripping Navajo Nation off. [Jezebel]

Hey J.Lo, your nip-slip is making my dizzy. [Buzzfeed]

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