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We're live blogging from SXSW all damn week, this is Vol II: Lonestar Domestar

So an 18-pack of Tecate and $4 beer/shot specials equals 4 out 6 crashers puking in one night. And by night, we really mean evening, because everyone passed out by 10pm. After waking up the next morning to heat and sunshine, we cooked a big hangover cure of a breakfast and packed far too many kids into a Tacoma and drove two hours out into the desert, in search of the Hamilton Pool--an iconic underwater reserve we heard. We didn't make it. Instead we hung out by a river 'till the sun went down. We'd bought knives at the grocery, right next to the gun section. We were prepared for anything.

The music festival starts today, so last night was all about dice and whiskey. We all lost that game, unfortunately we weren't prepared for that. Today another big breakfast of tortillas, beans, and cheese, a couple b.b. gun competitions, and some Cesars. Aiya's has shaved all the boys' heads into some lonestar domestars. We're ready to finally listen some tunes.

We'll be back with some real music info tomorrow, until then listen to this song while checking out more of our SXSW photos.

hearts Kate + Aiya

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  1. Mish mish says:

    Tell Pat to put his clothes back on.

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