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hearty magazine | Test especially Skrimov (17 points and 3 ace), but in the end the team Bagnoli (first point on the bench giallorossa) must surrender after the end point made by Bossi (also in double figures with 12 points and 77% in attack).

News__ Test especially Skrimov (17 points and 3 ace), but in the end the team Bagnoli (first point on the bench giallorossa) must surrender after the end point made by Bossi (also in double figures with 12 points and 77% in attack).

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Exactly, now Perugia will focus on the return leg of the quarterfinals of the Champions League, which will be involved on Wednesday at 20:30 at home against the French of Chaumont (first leg 3-2 for Umbria). In the championship the team Bernardi close on Sunday in Milan. The Verona attack against Latin Latin-Verona 1-3 (25-23, 14-25, 21-25, 35-37) - Top Volley takes leave of his audience with a defeat. Victory force to Verona, which once again proves to possess a respectable potential.

Race pace initially characterized by not very high: Latin with the surprise Huang to dribble, Verona ready to make the most of the broadsides of Kaziyski-Boyer duo. Start balanced with the men of Tubertini able to develop good storyline that enabled the team to always be in command. The game's inertia is changed only at the end of the set with guests able to implement overtaking (19-18).

The challenge comes to life with Top Volley that keeps alive the partial thanks to two crushed Parodi and T. Stern (23-23). Just Huang signed the point that decreed the partial victory for Latin America. In the second half the team changes Grbic definitely approach and fielding great competitive nastiness. The wall of the French Boyer leads the yellow and blue on +3. The double point Ngapeth keeps wake pontine.

It 'an invitation juncture all transalpine brand 1xbet windows app with Boyer that brings guests ahead 12-10. Verona takes to grind the game, the defense of the hosts lack of effectiveness and the benefit reaches + 7. There is now no more history with Verona that has definitely dominated the set (25-14) in just 20 'of play and fielding really great determination (80% in reception). Third part at the start again with Latin in difficulty (10-5).

The pontine suffer the broadsides of Boyer. Parodi and company are still alive and able to recover up to 9-10; just when completed the comeback it seems there is a new extension of the Calzedonia (19-14). For Latin America enters Thin captain for groped to give greater clarity director biancoblu, but it is too late and guests will also win this set thanks to Kaziyski wall.

In the fourth time it starts well in Latin America, but the men of Grbic are the advantage with the wall Argentinian Solè (6-5). Still a wall, this time of Ngapeth, restores the parity (12-12). Step very excited, to play point to point to the nth position of parity (24-24). It goes to the advantages: a long series of attacks with the teams never dome. The sprouting guests (37-35) showing greater clarity in the crucial moment and won deservedly.

Civitanova keeps winning: 8 hits in a row Vibo Valentia-milan 2-3 (16-25, 21-25, 26-24, 25-22, 12-15) - The Revivre Axopower Milan storming back to win in the field of Tuna Callipo Calabria Vibo Valentia, a success that is to continue to hope in the fourth. The team coach Giani however, fails to capture the full loot and fold the resistance of the landlords only the tie-break.

The Bagnoli team coach, called a proof of pride after math yesterday reached salvation (Siena ko at Monza), he shakes after the first two sets and makes you sweat the proverbial seven shirts to Meneghini. The technical Mantua receives good feedback from the "second lines", of all the young shortstop Marsili (deployed by the third owner sets and then awarded as MVP of the match). Marra and colleagues hold up the Revivre Axopower Milan and fighting ball on ball defense.

A drag the Giani coach team we think the usual Abdel-Aziz (27 points made with the 48% attack and 3 ace), assisted by the always solid CLEVENOT (16 points with 61% attack) and a lavish Kozamernik: for the Slovenian 15 points with 73% attack and 3 walls made. At Tuna Callipo not enough heart and the incessant cheering of an increasingly warm PalaValentia.

Test especially Skrimov (17 points and 3 ace), but in the end the team Bagnoli (first point on the bench giallorossa) must surrender after the end point made by Bossi (also in double figures with 12 points and 77% in attack). Ravenna-Padova 2-3 (26-28, 19-25, 25-16, 25-12, 12-15) - The Consar fails to greet his audience with a win, but at least fight to the end and rehabilitates after the last tests.

It 'also time to say goodbye to Russian, bound for Perugia, and the excellent Rychlicki, presumably Prince provider of next Romagnolo market thanks to the foresight of the Ravenna company, which could also monetize as was done with Buchegger. Padua, however, starts with the high morale of those playoffs that Ravenna has not been able to achieve, but should avoid sensational falls like that of September 4 First spectacular and very balanced set, the former Torres makes pots and lids (he finished with 73%) and try to run away on her 13-16, Rychlicki answers for his part but in the end the difference is made by the Venetian walls, three at the end of Consar against anyone, which falls right on a wall, to Torres on Poglejen.

The balance not even lacks the second set, also because Torres returns to certain, disappointing romagnole performances and provides a single point, however replaced by Louati and Barnes on the important balls. The Consar take advantage (16-13), Padua, however, approaches and 18-17 square a resounding 7-0 break on Louati services, illegible to receive home. Once again, the end will be the walls (5-2 for Kioene) to make a difference in a very balanced context.

In the third set Padova sits, but to make a difference are the motivations of a Consar who do not want to greet the fans with another 0-3: 14-9 for the hosts, who make the big voice also beaten and reopen the match. The fourth set of Kioene, undermined at this point from the certainties that had characterized the first two partial, is from a horror film, with errors from mini-volleyball, wrong choices and a sampling of filth of such a Consar dragged from Rychlicki advantage in such a way ruthless.

Tiebreaker 'ciapanò', all are wrong about everything, especially in batting (in the initial 4-5 there are four services Consar wrong), then the balance is broken by an invasion contested by Padua and Poglajen (8-6) . The Kioene react and equalized at 11, then an error of Raffaelli consequence of a poor reception puts forward (3-6 break), then Rychlicki mistaken one of the few attacks of his race (12-14) and Louati closes. Gasport

October 24, 2016 - Milan Tiziano Ferro, 36. Arch. Journal October 28 comes on the radio, in the digital store, the streaming platforms and limited edition vinyl 45 rpm on Amazon "We Back", the new single by Tiziano Ferro, the first song from the album "The craft of life "to be released on December 2nd. volume - "In a world accustomed to high volumes which no longer has time to listen to anyone I said so in a low voice. With a song about those who at some point need to draw conclusions.

I look lifeless landscape . Everything takes shape at the beginning of a new chapter. Who goes and who could `ritornare'". tour - The Profession of life comes out to two years from TZN-The Best of Tiziano Ferro, the best-selling album of the last three years. From June 11 Iron also back on tour with a new show that will tour stadiums.

It starts on June 11 from Lignano, and then go to Milan (June 16), Turin (June 21), Bologna (June 24), Rome (June 28), Bari (July 5), Messina (July 8), Salerno (July 12) and Florence (15 July). Gasport

February 5, 2019 - ROME Manuel Bortuzzo remain paralyzed this terrible statement of the doctors of St. Camillus who care for young swimmers was injured in a shooting in Rome on Saturday night for a case of mistaken identity. Alberto Delitala, the surgeon who operated Manuel, summed up the situation: "Despite the decompression of the spinal cord, the cord does not conduct. We carried out a bioelectrical study that showed a complete spinal cord injury.

And this leads us to say that with current knowledge of neuroscience there may not be one of the legs of the movement recovery. " Dr. Emiliano Cingolani also said that the "post-operative course is satisfactory, the cardiorespiratory parameters are good, although it is still too early to dissolve the prognosis". If all goes regularly in the post-operative course, Manuel will be transferred to a rehabilitation center.

Continue hunting the gang who shot to the streets Aeschylus: you look around Segantini square. The area is a land of clans to reign are Guarnera. The business? Outlet and slots.

Doctors at the San Camillo: "As soon as possible Manuel rehabilitation" The San Camillo doctors: "Manuel will remain paralyzed" the father - "We think we have some more news at around 14," said the father of Manuel Franco Bortuzzo. "I want my son home.

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