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Hey James Long,

Come on guy, even I have to draw the line somewhere. If you keep putting these clothes out into the ether my boyfriend is going to find them and want to wear them. Then we're going to have to break up because there is no way I'm going to fuck a shiny legged leprechaun. Sure, it starts with a sheer knit sweater and a European carry-all, but before I know it he's showing up at my parents house in a cone-bra inspired blazer and telling me to "relax". Come on, it's my fucking parents house!

Let's make a deal, okay? You can still make your clothes but keep them out of reach of my boyfriend. Seriously. Your creative career could very easily be the end of my good relationship. There is no fucking way I'm getting dumped before Christmas for a pair of designer pants.


The Worst Kind of Paranoid

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