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Kelly's ready to let it out

Kelly Rowland is ready to lay out her feelings about Bey. Living in the shadow of someone like Beyoncé can't be an easy go. Rowland lived in the Knowles' house from a young age and her personal and professional lives have been tethered to Mrs. Carter for years. The only other girl who grew up in the same house as Bey is Solange, who articulates her choice to walk a different, more indie path than her big sis. Rowland's always shot for a mainstream position, vying for the same airwaves and MTV spots as her leading lady. Rather than quietly rising up next to her on the Superbowl stage, and then leaving again after her 30 second song without a word of disappointment she's decided to dole out an honest account of jealously, pride and struggle.

In her new single, "Dirty Laundry," Rowland worked with The Dream to write her confessional. The lyrics do discuss her emotions about Bey, but the more shocking account is of her abusive relationship. She lays out the way her violent and manipulative boyfriend fucked with her head, turning her against her family and friends. It's a raw and stripped-down R&B song that feels like a real glimpse into Rowland's experience. It doesn't actually involve any shade-throwing at B, Rowland calls her a sister. The song sounds more like Kelly finally feels empowered to tell her own story. Beyoncé happens to play a major role.

Stream "Dirty Laundry," below and watch out for her album Talk A Good Game due out June 18 on Republic Records.

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