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Archy Marshall is King Krule

Lately it seems like every single Tumblr that comes off as being well-curated, smart, and interesting was made by a 16-year-old.  It could be the fact that the age right after puberty is bursting with so many emotions and hormones, newfound levels of intelligence and will. Archy Marshall AKA. King Krule is seventeen and makes music that captures the ethos of our generation that was so aptly described by Noreen Malone a few weeks ago in New York Magazine. He's seventeen and he understands that we're disillusioned, apathetic and affected at the same time. Our whole lives we've been told that we will over-achieve and do anything we want, until the day of our college graduations when our guest speakers tell us we're basically screwed.

The depth of the vocals and the delicacy of the melodic undertones seem like sounds that could never come out of a skinny white redhead. He looks like the kid who'd be killed first if he was in MIA's Born Free video. But he loves Chet Baker and NY Hip Hop.  He jammed to Dub Step and UK Garage growing up in London. His lyrics are so poignant and feeling, dreaming of "abbreviated bathing suits" and wanting to escape. This kid's the truth, so listen to King Krule's Portrait in Black and Blue below and snag his self titled EP on November 8th via True Panther.

King Krule- Portrait In Black and Blue by truepanther

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  1. AMONI says:

    I thought he looked familiar. He used to go by Zoo Kid. He’s been on my playlist for a while…it’s great to hear some new music from him.

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