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Who's name did you write on your binder when you were a teenager?

Iconic Marvel comic book character, Kitty Pryde has been resurrected in the body of a teenaged female rapper from Daytona Beach. After releasing "Okay Cupid" via her Bandcamp page, the media frenzy surrounding her unwillingness to reveal her real age, whether or not her music is a joke, and her relationship with Danny Brown started whirling. Referencing Justin Bieber, Frank Ocean, snorting pills and drinking Bud Light Lime all in one breath, Kitty Pryde's simple, but poignant rhymes touch on themes that are characteristic of gen-Y. "Call me sober when you're ready, not going steady, but babe I planned our wedding already."

Whether or not she's the real thing, her ability to string together a series of words that characterize a moment in youth culture driven by memes, irony, and the ability to stake out a unique and charismatic internet personality makes her music worth listening to. Not to mention the fact that the track is produced by Beautiful Lou, who has worked with the likes of ASAP and Lil B.

Listen to this week's Track Meet: Kitty Pryde's "Okay Cupid" below.

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