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The Drowners are NYC's freshest pop-punk band comprised of three young leather bomber-clad boys you probably want to have sex with

The boys of The Drowners are the kind of guys you see hanging out late night at that dive bar around the corner. Each member has their respective role. When he's not shredding guitar, Jack Ridley slings beers and plays American punk as the Lower East Side's most beloved bartender extraordinaire. After relocating from Texas 6 years ago, Drummer, David Rubin snaps photos and talks politics in his now-dampered Southern drawl--always with a bottle of Bud in hand.   And lead singer/resident Brit, Matt Hit flashes his model smile at the summer girls in floral prints, bobbing his head along to the endless Morrissey soundtrack that seems to plays in his head.

Together these three make up The Drowners, and we are pleased to offer you a first listen to their track "Long Hair." This jam is sure to be a summer staple, replacing last years repeated plays of that Wavves album everyone loved so much. It's an ode to warmer days when all the girls and all the boys around town have long hair and just don't care. We dig.

Download The Drowners' "Long Hair" below (right click, "save as") and catch them opening for the Vaccines at Webster Hall in NYC on April 23rd.


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