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Bang bang.

The latest installment of our hearty mix series comes you to from the Queen of Jersey club, UNIIQUE. Don't press play if you're not ready to bounce.

UNIIQUE is a DJ, producer, vocalist and the first lady of Brick Bandits. She put together this hearty mix especially for the ladies, so get ready to pop that booty like Yoncé. And in case you're now wondering, yes, there is a Bey sample. Get your fix, along with UNIIQUE's personal touch on French, Kelz and Sweet Pussy Pauline. Don't be surprised when you see her name popping up on flyers all over NYC. If you haven't already, this mix should be your impetus to get to the club when UNIIQUE's on the lineup.

Listen to the UNIQUE hearty magazine mix below and download via her Soundcloud.

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