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For autumn/winter 2012 WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie has some new accessories for your wrists, feet and hands

WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie autumn/winter 2012 collection will have you getting through your tasks in style. Whether it's totting around your mobile office or checking in (to either a hotel or a flight) a/w '12 features versatility and adaptability. The upcoming collection includes six groupings of product: Business class, Check-In, Carry-On, Mobile Office, Green Technology and Tokyo Tower, and WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie a/w '12 also sees a new line of accessories including slippers, bracelets and gloves. The theme is duality, which is executed through mixing materials--leather with suede, organic cotton with waxed cotton and wool with leather and a two-toned gold and silver zipper. Though yu'll be looking good, WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie can't do anything about getting you a plug at the coffee shop, out of that middle seat or an upgrade to the penthouse.

See more from the WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie a/w '12 collection below.

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