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Chester French's new video for "Black Girls" is probably not safe for work, but you're going to watch it anyways

In their first release since their 2009 album Love the Future, Chester French is ready for a reaction. The band, which can't be mentioned without being called Harvard graduates, made up of vocalist D.A. Wallach and and Max Drumme, worked with Italian photographer Francesco Carrozzini on this soft core porn, we mean, music video for their new song "Black Girls." If you can't already tell by the title of the song, both the track and the video are controversial. Wallach, aware of potential reactions addresses these issue in his lyrics by saying: "This ain't no fetish/Ain't objectifying no one/I reject your deconstruction of my taste."

As far as the plot of the video, it goes as follows: White girl singing along to the song is met by black girl and (both practically naked) can't resist each other. "The video’s purpose is to celebrate female beauty, pointing the attention on same sex/interracial love,” director Francesco Carrozzini told the Huffington Post. “We approached it with simplicity, trying to make the images speak for themselves in the arch of the very simple story told.”

What do you think?

Watch the Chester French "Black Girls" music video below.

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