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Grass Widow and Wax Idols team up to take a fresh stab at female pleasure

It's just like Hether Fortune (front woman of Oakland's rough-to-the-touch punk band Wax Idols) to write a song about masturbation. Better yet, a sex-positive, frustration ballad called "Dilno" that plays against the whole "Love Me Do" vibe of most lustful classics. Wax Idols debut LP "No Future" (Hozac Records) dropped earlier this year and has gathered nothing but critical acclaim for the pop-heavy garage album. Recently, Fortune teamed up with fellow musician (Hannah Lew of Grass Widow) to create a video for her jack-off swooner, "Dilno".

"I think the aggressively sex-positive female perspective vibe is what turned Hannah onto this specific track, and she had a really strong concept for a video based on that," said Fortune. It made sense that Fortune approached Lew. Not only had the bassist made successful videos for Hunx and his Punx, Frankie Rose, Deep Time and King Tuff, but she got Fortune's approach to sexual politics.

"Dilno seems to be largely about an expression of female desire-which was something I was very interested in visually representing," recalled Lew. "We've seen a million performances by women in movies or on stage where women are performing for men's eyes and carrying out male fantasies-but this song is very much about women's desire. Women's desire is caricatured a lot in pop culture and it's not often you see a piece where a woman is saying "this is my desire" and I think it's very refreshing."

"Dilno" was filmed in Lew's band's practice space - a reformed industrial freezer filled with "cracked out older guys" (according to Fortune) who played endless blues riffs while they filmed. The results? Fortune hollers at the pieces of her personal bondage gear - Fortune is a BDSM pro-domme - slung over her amp, writhes on the floor and literally jumps out of her shoes in shrill. Pleasing to the eye, sexually charged, smart and crisp.

"Passive female sexuality in music, the whole Barbie doll with a leather jacket on thing, is something that I discuss regularly both through my art and in general conversation," said Fortune. "This video is a true representation of my turn ons, my frustrations, my aesthetics, my personality. I'm not putting on costume and posing. This is how I live my life. Hannah knew how to represent that visually, instinctually, perfectly."

Check out the exclusive debut of  Wax Idols "Dilno" below.

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