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Puking Brits we want to know more about

Name: Throwing Up

Location: London, UK

Sounds like: The Raincoats meets Elastica-style sing-a-long harmonies with the rough guitars and driving, catchy beats of 90's grunge bands (plus, the girls in the band dress like it's 1993).

Why you have heard of them: These Brits have made the trek to SXSW two years in a row now, their records blast out on Rough Trade and NME recently called them "London's newest DIY shit-storm." Noted.

What's the deal?

Throwing Up started in 2010 after Camille Benett (vocals/guitars) and Clare James Clare (vocals/bass) finished up with their well-known four-piece Headless. They recruited Ben Rayner (formerly of Shitting Fists, The Permanent, Fading Fast) on drums and released their first single "Toothache" in March of last year. Buzzing around London, Throwing Up were quick to get over to the USA and spread their puke around. “There’s practically no examples of a bad girl group but they don’t get taken nearly as seriously,” Benett told MTV this year. “With guitar music, a band with just boys isn’t considered a “boy band” – when do people ever say, ‘Do you know that boy band, Radiohead?’ “We’re clearly in the same league as Radiohead, btw.” Maximum Rock n' Roll likes them and we do too. Watch out for their new record Over You which drops in July.

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