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Don't kill your idols, film them

Mitchell Davis is one lucky son of a bitch. Being a huge YACHT fan, when the band asked him to work on their new video for "I Walked Alone," he jumped at the chance. The song, an upbeat pop medley about the cycle of life ("The moon goes round the earth, And the moon controls the time, And the earth goes round the sun, And the sun provides the light, And the light makes all of life.") is represented as a spinning haze with members Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans coloring an otherwise baren landscape. In the first half of the video, Bechtolt plays the major role with Evans popping up once in a while. Then, in the second half, the two are in what appears to be a dance studio, singing, playing guitar and, finally, relating to others. The theme of oneness comes to fruition at the end when everyone joins in on the song. And la dee da, another YACHT triumph is born. Evans says of the video, "Our hope is that fans will watch this video and understand that YACHT is a community which reaches out to its most active members and engages them to actively participate."

See Mitchell Davis' video for YACHT's "I Walked Alone" below.

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