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Meet our new hearty blogger Yasi Salek!

Our new blogger Yasi Salek doesn't tell jokes. But she does have a solid sense of humor. "Reporting" from LA (aka she lives there) Yasi isn't afraid to put herself out there. When we first started discussing her new column on hearty, vajazzling, going on speed dates and taking part in live action role play (with swords and that's not a sexual innuendo) were just a few of the ideas Yasi brought to the table. It was a match made online. Yasi will be blogging on hearty about all of the above and more--specifically of the feline inclined.

Meet the new hearty blogger Yasi Salek via Q + A  below and read her blog here.

What do you plan to blog about on hearty?

Cats? (Is that cool Hana May?)

What do you do when you're not updating your fabulous hearty blog?, Features Editorial for, and carry on lengthy conversations with my cats. (They are very into political discourse at the moment).

Where are some other places we will catch your byline? Huffington Post LA, Buzznet, Interview, and Garage Mag

Where were you born and where do you live?

I was born in Los Angeles. I live at the corner of ennui and joy.

Favorite things about where you live?

Carne asada fries.

Least favorite things about where you live?


What's your biggest pet peeve on a first date?

Check splitting.

Drink of choice?

Big Gulp

Tell us a joke:

I don't do that.

Theme song for your life right now?

'This Must Be The Place' by Talking Heads

Anything else?

Rick Santorum can eat a bowl of dicks.

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